What Is The Price Of Revival?

I have been amazed to see such accounts as are often published about revivals, as if the revival had come without any cause – nobody knew why or wherefore. I have sometimes inquired into such cases; when it had been given out that nobody knew anything about it until Sabbath they saw in the face of the congregation that God was there, or they saw it in their conference room, or prayer meeting, and were astonished at the mysterious sovereignty of God, in bringing in a revival without any apparent connection with means. Now mark me. Go and inquire among the obscure members of the church, and you will always find that somebody had been praying for a revival, and was expecting it. Some man or woman had been agonizing in prayer, for the salvation of sinners, until they gained the blessing.  It may have found the minister and the body of the church fast asleep, and they would wake up all of a sudden, like a man just rubbing his eyes open, and running round the room pushing things over, and wondering where all this excitement came from. But though few knew it you may be sure there has been somebody on the watchtower; constant in prayer till the blessing came.


There never will be a revival -till somebody makes particular efforts for this end. But when the attention of a minister is directed to the state of the families in his congregation, and his heart is full of feeling of the necessity of a revival, and when he puts forth the proper efforts for this end, then you may be prepared to expect a revival.”     

~ C. G. Finney, Revival Lectures,pg  19,1868 E.  J. Goodrich, Ohio.

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