Meddle Not

My son, fear thou the LORD and the king: and meddle not with them that are given to change: Proverbs 24:21

Only 50% of the adults in our society are now members of any church. 62% of adults say that church membership is unnecessary bondage. It is not relevant to the real issues of our times. Times change and people change and thank God for all the good positive and wholesome changes that have occurred in the past. The trend now, however, is to change the standard, remove the fences and change the markers that identify the people of God. In this ever changing world in which we live we need an anchor to keep us from being tossed about with every wind of doctrine. We find that anchor in the Word of God!

I. We Must Not Meddle those Who Would Change The Word of God.

There is a raging debate today that started in the Garden of Eden when the serpent said, ” Yea hath God said. . . . ? When I hold the King James Bible in my hands I believe that it is in fact the very Word of God. There is no holy place to which can go and get a more accurate copy of the cannon of scripture. There is no scholar I can consult that ever saw “the original manuscripts.” There is no authority I can appeal to which is higher than the Word itself. There is no modern version which is based on unbiased scholastic translation. People who seek another translation are looking for a translation that will make what God said more palatable to them. Satan still wants gullible people like Eve to believe his lies about what God hath said. God told Eve that if she ate of the tree of the Garden she “would surely die.” But in Genesis 3:4 the Serpent said, ye shall NOT surely die.” Well she DID die. Her death was a direct result of no obeying the Word of God!

II. We Must Not Meddle those Who Would Change The Power of God.

There is a reckless carnality today that started with the first two sons of Adam. In Genesis chapter four Cain slew Abel because of Cain’s unwillingness to offer the required spiritual offering. He wanted to be accepted on his own terms, not on God’s prescribed terms. He was even willing to kill to vindicate his own actions. It is ironic today that those who are involved in the carnal things are often most cruel to those who would hold to God’s requirements. I have heard Pentecostal people say that if you don’t “speak in tongues” then you cannot be saved. I have heard the Church of Christ preachers say, “If you are not baptized for the remission of sins then you cannot be saved.” I have read the Roman Catholic teaching which says that “if you are not a Catholic, then you cannot be saved.” I have heard the Jehovah Witnesses say, “If you are not one of the witnesses then you cannot be saved.” Some of these ignore the Bible. Some of them change the Bible and some of them add to the Bible, but all of them change the Bible. We must not meddle with them!

1 Corinthians 2:4-5 And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power: 5 That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.

III. We Must Not Meddle those Who Would Change The Man of God.

There is a relentless cry today for God’s men to “come down. . .” (Nehemiah 6:2-3). They want to change God’s man into a committee member with a small vote in the matters of Christ’s Kingdom on earth. They want to get God’s man to “lighten up” on sin and sinfulness. People today want entertainment not fire from heaven in the preaching. The churches should never compete with the movie houses. They will never be able to keep up. The Churches should never compete with the concert halls and the Broadway productions. They can never do as good a job at worldly things as the world can do. But there is one thing a church should be known for. It should be known far and wide that here is a place where the Man of God preaches the Word of God and the People of God pray down the power of God. You can’t get that at a movie theater! You can’t get that on Broadway! You can’t get that at a concert hall! We must meddle with them!

IV. We Must Not Meddle those Who Would Change The Son of God.

2 Corinthians 5:21 For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.

There is re-occurring slander concerning His deity. The Bible says that “He did no sin, . . . in Him was no sin, . . . . he knew no sin.” Some say He was the son of a soldier. Some say it wasn’t His blood that was necessary for our salvation, but only His death. Some say He went to Hades to have His sins burned off but God said he was the ONLY begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth! Some say that Jesus was only a good teacher. They often say He is our example. They see Him as a shepherd; a carpenter. Some even say He was immoral with Mary Magdalene. Still others suggest that he was Gay. We must not meddle with them!

V. We Must Not Meddle those Who Would Change The Church of God.

There is a relentless proposition about whose church it is and when it started. The church that Jesus started was in operation before Pentecost. He established it (Matthew 16:18), commissioned it (Matthew 28:18-20) and saw to it that the members of it were baptized to show their faith in His death burial and resurrection (Acts 1:21-22). Peter did not start the church and He and His alleged successors have no right to change it. Charles Russell did not start the church and his followers have no authority to write a book and call it the Bible and call can never be the Bride of Christ. The Mormons were not around at the time of Christ with their ambiguous books and their polygamous lifestyle and their baptisms for the dead. Jesus started His own church! He adds to it such as should be saved; He loved it so much that he gave Himself for it! He is still the Head of it! No one in any place in any religion has the credentials; the compassion; the authority or the purpose that Jesus Christ has concerning His church! We must not meddle with them!

Churches need to have their traditions changed. Men need to have their natures changed. Babies need to have their diapers changed. Cars need to have their oil changed but in the matter of truth we must not meddle with those who are given to change!

For I am the LORD, I change not; . . . Mal 3:6

You must be saved to go to heaven when you die. Romans 10:9-10

You must be Baptized to be a testimony while you live. Romans 6:4, I Peter 3:21

You must be obedient to have your prayers answered. I Samuel 15:22

Pastor Randy D. Lewis

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