Liberty Mayday

Liberty at Risk

Is it any wonder that there is a controversy regarding the cross in our state? To be real honest, I believe in separation of church and state. I believe the state should keep its nose and paw out of the church’s business. The founding fathers of this great nation never intended for our society to become amoral or immoral in its dealings with citizens. The citizens should be able to govern themselves in regards to behavior. There is an overwhelming minority of citizens who are bullying the populous and don’t want God in any facet of the society in which a majority of its citizens live. It truly is unfortunate that the loudest barks of intoleration are the very ones that cause society to cave to anti God pressures or world views. At what point did the atheist become anti God? Since man is born with the knowledge of God and a desire to know his Creator, why does the majority of society bow down to the whims of societal bullies that are against a religious icon or views that are contrary to their own? Are “we the people” not the majority anymore? The laws of our land were given to us by God. The execution of these laws was granted by God. The obedience to these laws is expected by God.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

Are there no good men to stand against the anti God philosophy that is bringing this society down by the truckload to the cesspool of humanism? Are there no outcries against the minority voices of anti God sentiment? I know, “it costs too much”. The founding fathers pledged life and fortune to fight against tyranny for freedom. We have been duped by the anti God minority. It has not made society better, nor has it improved our public education system. If we are to take God completely out of our society and scrub His name from all monetary, judicial and legislative areas of our lives, then we must also consider taking his symbol off all medical facilities and ambulances. It was the serpent on the pole that God told the disobedient people to look and live. The Ten Commandments have become mere suggestions that impose convictions when read. Every major monument in Washington has a reference to God. Every authority is from God himself and as loyal subjects we are to obey, as long as we are able, if man’s laws do not contradict God’s law. When will good men and women get fed up with the immoral minority dictating standards, morals or lack thereof, and pushing God around as a forgotten idea? The bullying of God fearing people is nothing new but I think the majority has been silent for far too long.

If the cross on public property is the issue, then every citizen should erect a cross in the front yard of his or her home.

Since we live in the Northeast where religious freedom originated for these United States that we live in, why would we want to revert backwards in our freedoms granted to us by our Creator?

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