Who We Are

We are your neighborhood church, reaching out into the Blackstone Valley area since 1975.  We are a reflection of our community –  friendly, hard working, down to earth people who don’t feel like it is necessary to put on a show.  When you visit, you will be welcome, we promise!

God’s Word is our final authority.  It is used in all of our preaching services and classes.  The opinions of man can be found anywhere, but we preach and teach, “Thus saith the Lord”, as found in the Bible.  We are an independent Baptist church, and we use the King James Bible.

We offer a message of hope to people who are searching for the truth.  We don’t force feed our beliefs to anyone: we just simply offer to show from God’s Word how Jesus Christ has already provided for mankind’s salvation, direction, and hope in life.

Thank you for allowing us the privilege of introducing ourselves to you.  We cordially invite you to visit one of our services soon!

Come Celebrate the Family With Us